The Online Pediatric CE Program is a 100% online program, with over 130 videos that has been instrumental in transforming chiropractors all over the world into confident, competent and successful chiropractors who have absolute certainty in their management of children.

In fact, many chiropractors relate how their entire practice is transformed due to this increase in knowledge and confidence, with many experiencing massive changes to the number of pediatric referrals, sometimes within days of beginning the program!

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So what is a resource like this worth?

The information contained in this incredible online program is invaluable to any chiropractor interested in enhancing their clinical competency with children, and at the same time attracting more pediatric patients (and their families) to chiropractic.

The cost of this online program is just a small fraction of the income this increase in your pediatric certainty will generate for your practice, on a daily basis!

Modules 1 to 6
US$975 (43% Discount)

Subscription Offer
Pay US$375 Now
Then US$200 / month X 3 months

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CE Hours Allocation in the State of California (Other states pending)

The program consists of six modules and provides you with 78 CE Hours:

Module 1: The Initial Consultation 25 Hours
Module 2: Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Pediatric Patient 12 Hours 
Module 3: Spinal Adjustment of the Child 12 Hours 
Module 4: Management of Common Childhood Disorders 25 Hours
Module 5: The Pediatric Special Appointment 0 Hours
Module6: The Evidence-Based Family Wellness Practice 4 Hours

Purchase the entire program at a 43% discount

To purchase each module individually would cost you US$1700.

However, we currently have a special offer which allows you to purchase modules 1 to 6 for a fraction of the cost, plus receive an additional 12 months access.

The special offer includes the original first 6 modules, 24 months access, for only US$975

That’s 43% off.

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Payment Plan

Should you purchase the entire program – Modules 1 to 6, (at the 43% discount), we even have an installment payment system where you can pay in 4 easy instalments. One up-front payment of US$375, giving you instant access to the entire program. Followed by 3 monthly payments of US$200.

Purchase individual modules

You may wish to purchase one or more individual modules. In this case, we do encourage you to proceed through the modules in sequential order. The knowledge and information presented in each module complements and builds upon the previous modules.

The cost of Modules 1 to 5, if purchased individually, is as follows:

US$295 12 months access
US$334 24 Months access
US$39 For each additional year of access

The cost of Modules 6 is:

US$225 12 months access
US$264 24 Months access
US$39 For each additional year of access

The cost of the ‘Supplementary Module’ is $295 for 12 months access, and $334 for 24 months access

Brief Video of Program

To view a brief description of this amazing program click on the video image above.