Supplementary Module: Pediatric Practice Gems

Pediatric Practice Gems, the latest (and final) module in the Online Pediatric CE Program, ​includes a 67 page interactive e-book with over 60 videos, as well as more downloadable information handouts for parents. The module provides 25 CE hours (Category B – Special population Care) for California and 25 Formal CE hours for most Canadian states. (email Lindy: [email protected] for details). Pediatric Practice Gems is full of new tips, techniques, procedures and pediatric management protocols that will help you ​create better clinical outcomes for your little patients.

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“Dr. Glenn Maginness is a true master. He has utilized his years of experience as a pediatric chiropractor to create the most encompassing online chiropractic pediatric program ever created for the profession. The Online Pediatric CE Program is truly exceptional.”

Dr Gilles Lamarche Chiropractor, Professional Speaker, Author and Life Coach

“Glenn’s latest module offers some great low force options with both spinal and cranial adjusting; very handy with the recent sharp focus ​on our profession ​regarding the adjusting of infants. ”

Dr. Bradley Perth (Australia)

“I loved the information on the management of the lower limb conditions. Out-toeing, in-toeing, toe walking, knock knees, flat feet, etc. The suggested management strategies will really help me ​when kids present with these issues. I feel much more confident in my approach now.”

Dr Hayley Melbourne

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Brief Video of Program

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