Module 2: Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Pediatric Patient

Cover-CSTPP-USAThis module comprehensively addresses the cranial assessment and adjustment in the neonate and baby, as well as the toddler and older child. The module is presented as a series of eight videos, as well as two short e-books. The specific topics covered include the following:

  • Introduction to Craniosacral therapy in the Pediatric Patient (1 video)
  • Cranial Bone Movement (1 video)
  • Cranial technique in the Neonate and Baby (2 videos)
  • Cranial technique in the Toddler and Older Child (3 videos)
  • Cranial techniques for the Pediatric practitioner (1 video)
  • Visceral Techniques in the Pediatric Patient (e-book)
  • Further Discussion on Craniosacral Therapy (e-book)

Should you already currently perform cranial adjustments within your practice, this module will be of enormous benefit to you, as it will broaden your understanding of how the cranial bones move, as well as what is specifically occurring when you perform a cranial adjustment.

For those new to cranial adjusting, the information presented in this module will provide a firm grounding in the art and science of cranial technique in the pediatric patient.

On completion of this module, regardless of your current experience with cranial adjusting, you should have a clear understanding of the craniosacral rhythm, as well as a simple, straightforward, systematized approach to the assessment and treatment of the craniosacral system in the pediatric patient.

This module will allow you to confidently assess and successfully manage infants with plagiocephaly, as well as develop and improve your management of children with many other common childhood conditions. (The specific management of common childhood conditions is covered in Module 4. Successfully completing Module 2, ‘Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Pediatric Patient’ and Module 3 ‘Spinal Adjustment of the Child’ prior to commencing Module 4 is essential).

This module is accredited for 12 CE Hours in the State of California. (Other states pending)

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