Module Descriptions

1Module 1: The Initial Consultation

This module is presented as a 96 page e-book, which is presented with over 55 videos, and details the essential history taking and examination procedures involved in the pediatric initial consultation.

This e-book contains the following four sections:

– The Initial Consultation
– Examination of the Baby
– Examination of the Toddler and Older Child
– Following the Examination


2Module 2: Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Pediatric Patient

This module comprehensively addresses the cranial assessment and adjustment in the neonate and baby, as well as the toddler and older child. The module is presented as a series of eight videos, as well as two short e-books. The specific topics covered include the following:

– Introduction to Craniosacral therapy in the Pediatric Patient (1 video)
– Cranial Bone Movement (1 video)
– Cranial technique in the Neonate and Baby (2 videos)
– Cranial technique in the Toddler and Older Child (3 videos)


3Module 3: Spinal Adjustment of the Child

This module addresses that area of practice which is fundamental to what we do as chiropractors in our management of the pediatric patient: the adjustment of the child. This module is presented as a 35 page e-book which includes over 58 videos. The e-book is presented in two sections:

– Adjustment of the Neonate and Baby
– Adjustment of the Toddler and Older Child




4Module 4: Management of Common Childhood Disorders

This module is presented as an 84 page e-book, with once again educational videos and photos to assist in the interactive learning process. This module addresses the management of a number of the more common childhood conditions which will frequently present to a family practice, including (just to name a few):

– Childhood fever
– Otitis media
– Irritable baby syndrome
– Benign Congenital Hypotonia (the hypotonic child)
– Bedwetting
– Deformational Plagiocephaly 



5Module 5: The Pediatric Special Appointment

This module, presented as a 62 page e-book, addresses those essential special appointments that should be an integral part of your pediatric management protocol. The child report visit, the most important visit and the child wellness visit are designed to ensure you consistently achieve the best clinical outcome for your pediatric patients. In addition, these special appointments are also designed specifically to positively influence the parents’ views on health and wellness, so that they are in the best possible position to make informed decisions regarding the health of their entire family.



6Module 6: The Evidence-Based Family Wellness Practice

This module includes an in-depth discussion on the importance of evidence-based practice and its relevance in a chiropractic family wellness practice. This module also addresses in detail what are perhaps the four most important ingredients to building a true family wellness practice. The absolute essentials which will allow you to connect with more children and families in your community. Very importantly, the themes and ideas presented in this module build the essential foundations for the other five modules in this program.




Module 7: Paediatric Practice Gems

Paediatric Practice Gems, the latest (and final) module in the Online Paediatric CPD Program, ​includes a 67 page interactive e-book with over 60 videos, as well as more downloadable information handouts for parents.

The module provides 25 CPD hours for Australian chiropractors (​N.Z., South Africa, California and Canadian states pending).

Paediatric Practice Gems is full of new tips, techniques, procedures and paediatric management protocols that will help you ​create better clinical outcomes for your little patients.

Brief Video of Program

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