FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are my Continuing Education requirements each year?

In the US, CE requirements vary from state to state.
In California a minimum of 24 Hours of continuing education is required per year. (Please note this program has CE accreditation in the state of California. The six modules in this course have been approved by the Chiropractic Board of Examiners for a total of 78 CE Hours.).
Accreditation in other U.S. states is pending. Please email Lindy at [email protected] for details.

CE requirements vary depending on what province you are from. This program has accreditation in Alberta and Saskatchewan. CE hours are also available for those chiropractors from BC. Other states have no formal CE process but recognize this program for CE credits. Email Lindy at [email protected] for details.

Do I have to complete the quiz questions?

No. Completing the assessments attached to each module is not a specific requirement, and you may choose to progress through the program without answering the questions.

When can I access the modules once I have registered and paid?

Immediate access is available, and then ongoing access 24/7 for 12 or 24 months.

Can I get access beyond this 12 month period?

Yes. You can extend your access immediately by choosing the ‘2 Year’ option available when registering. Alternatively, at the end of the 12 month period, should you wish to extend your access for a further 12 months, you can by simply paying a further $39. This can be extended each year, indefinitely.

How is my completion of the CE requirements recorded?

On successful completion of the answers to the quiz questions, you can download (and print) your ‘Certificate of Completion’.

Do I have to start with Module 1?

No, but it is recommended.to progress through each module in sequential order. The knowledge and information presented in each module complements and builds upon the previous modules.

Can I purchase modules 1 to 6 as a special package, rather than purchase the modules individually?

Yes. We have a special offer which allows you to purchase the entire first course at a considerable discount. Click on the “Specials’ tab at the side for details. The ‘Supplementary Module’ (released in May 2018) can be purchased separately.

What is the allocation of CE credits for each module?

The Online Pediatric CE Program Total 78 Hours in California (86 Hours in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC Canada)

Module 1: The Initial Consultation 25 Hours 
Module 2: Craniosacral Therapy in the Pediatric Patient 12 Hours (CA) 13 Hours (Canada)
Module 3: Spinal Adjustment of the Child 12 Hours (CA) 13 Hours (Canada)
Module 4: Management of Common Childhood Disorders 25 Hours 
Module 5: The Pediatric Special Appointment  0 hours (CA) 6 Hours  (Canada)
Module6: The Evidence-Based Family Wellness Practice 4 Hours 

How many CE credits is available through the Supplementary Module?

The Supplementary Module provides you with 25 CE credits (Cat. B Special population Care) in California.

In most Canadian states and provinces this module provides you with 25 formal CE hours. (Please email Lindy for details: [email protected]

Can I print the e-books?

Yes. We recognize that many people prefer to learn by reading from books rather than a computer screen. For this reason we have included a function where you can easily print the e-book. (Obviously this will not allow you to view the videos contained within the e-book. You will need to use your i-Pad or computer for this).

Can I download the material and store it on my computer?

You certainly can download and store on your computer any and all forms and patient education handouts. This allows you to print these on your own office stationary as often as you need.

The program itself is not downloadable. All course content is available online through e-books and streaming videos. This material is not available to download to your computer. However with access available online 24/7, you will have the added convenience of the ability to view the material from your desktop computer, your laptop, or your iPad.
All material is covered by copyright and your professional integrity.

How do I manage the CE Points that are available with this program?

The six modules in this program have been approved for a total of 78 continuing education hours in California, (with other states pending), and 86 hours in Alberta Canada, (again other states pending). Depending on your individual state requirement, this program has the potential to satisfy these requirements for a number of years. The question is how are you to best manage these points.
Our suggestion is to do the following:

  • Take advantage of the Special Offer and purchase the entire course (all 6 modules) at a considerable discount.
  • Complete the quiz for Module 1 and receive your certificate of achievement to use in the current year. (25 CE Hours).
  • Go through the other 5 modules at your own pace, only completing the quizzes as you require the CE Hours.
  • So next year, should you require CE hours, submit your answers to Module 2 and receive your certificate of achievement to use in that year.
  • Progressively manage your points each year from then on, by submitting the quizzes as required. 
  • You can also purchase the Supplementary Module for an additional CE 25 hours when you need the credits.

Brief Video of Program

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