The Online Pediatric CE Program

Click on the video above to get a feel for the potential this amazing program has to transform your pediatric knowledge and skills, as well as your pediatric certainty.   

The Online Pediatric CE Program is a series of six modules which together comprehensively cover all aspects of the pediatric consultation. From the moment the child first enters your practice, through the history taking and physical examination, to the specific adjustment and ongoing management strategies most appropriate for that child. The specific modules include the following:

  • The Initial Consultation
  • Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Pediatric Patient
  • Spinal Adjustment of the Child
  • Management of Common Childhood Disorders
  • The Pediatric Special Appointment
  • The Evidence Based Family Wellness Practice

The Online Pediatric CE Program is specifically designed to increase your confidence and competence in your management of the pediatric patient. The thoughts, ideas, and concepts, as well as the specific clinical examination procedures and techniques presented within this program, are designed to be seamlessly implemented into your practice.

This increase in pediatric certainty, will inevitably result in a quantifiable increase in not only the number of children and families who visit your practice, but also in the personal and professional fulfillment you will experience in practice.

As you complete each module, you may wish to complete the module assessment to gain CE formal learning hours. (CE accreditation for Californian chiropractors with other states pending) On successful completion of the multiple-choice questions, you will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the module and will receive your allocated CE credit hours.

Please note, while it is your choice whether you answer the CE questions, you will however need to progress through each module in sequential order. The knowledge and information presented in each module complements and builds upon the previous modules. You will therefore need to start with Module 1, The Initial Consultation.

Brief Video of Program

To view a brief description of this amazing program click on the video image above.