Welcome to the 100% Online Pediatric CE Program

How to fast track excellence in pediatric management from your home or office.

Do you want to see more infants and children in practice, but lack the confidence in your management of the pediatric patient?

Perhaps you’ve been to seminars, read text books but still just do not feel confident and comfortable when an infant or perhaps a toddler presents to your practice. Perhaps you worry that you are not giving them the best care possible. That you may be missing things? Perhaps you are a new graduate who hasn’t had the training to develop that pediatric certainty?

Don’t feel bad. You are not on your own. Surveys have shown the majority of Chiropractors in our profession feel they could be better trained to manage infants and children.

If these statements resonate with you, then don’t despair… help is at hand.

The Online Pediatric CE Program is a 100% online program, with over 130 videos that has been instrumental in transforming chiropractors all over the world into confident, competent and successful chiropractors who have absolute certainty in their management of children.

In fact, many chiropractors relate how their entire practice is transformed due to this increase in knowledge and confidence, with many experiencing massive changes to the number of pediatric referrals, sometimes within days of beginning the program!

Imagine what it would be like to arrive at work with a spring in your step, looking forward to a day  filled with children and families, knowing you are providing the very best care possible to each and every one of those kids .

Imagine having total confidence in your ability to manage infants and children of any age.

This 100% online program consists of a series of easy to use, interactive e-books and over 130 videos specifically designed to comprehensively address all aspects of chiropractic practice involving the pediatric patient.

For a detailed description of this amazing program please click here.

The Pediatric Online CE Program will:

  • Give you the confidence to assess and adjust (both spinal and cranial) children of any age from baby’s only hours old, to toddlers and older children.
  • Establish you as THE pediatric chiropractor in your community
  • Support you every step of the way. With over 130 videos and multiple interactive e-books that you can access 24/7 from the comfort of your own home (or office), you will never be alone. As so many chiropractors from all over the world have commented, “Its like having your own pediatric chiropractor to observe whenever you need to!”

CE Hours

The Pediatric CE Program is approved by the California Board of Examiners for CE Hours in the State of California. (Other states are pending).
In Canada, the program has accreditation in Alberta and Saskatchewan. You can also get CE hours in BC with other states pending. The 6 modules in this program can earn you a total of from 78 to 85 CE Hours, (depending on the state you live in)… should you choose to answer the multiple-choice questions at the end of each module.
(email Lindy [email protected] if you have questions about your state and accreditation)

Please note, that completing the quizzes at the end of each module is not a specific requirement, and you may choose to progress through the program without answering the questions. The program has been set up in this way to cater for those chiropractors who may have all the CE hours they require for the year, but would still like to improve their assessment, adjustment and management skills with the pediatric patient.

It’s your choice! Should you chose to complete the CE assessments at some point in the future, you can simply go back to these questions and submit your answers then.

Unlimited Access

You can watch the video presentations, and view the e-books as many times as you wish. In fact, once you have registered for a specific module, you will have unlimited access to that module for a full 12 months. This will enable you to review the information as many times as you feel you need to over that time. In fact, should you wish to have access after this 12 month period you can, simply by registering for a further specified time.

Please note, the ‘special offer’ gives you access to all 6 modules for a full 2 years. For details of this offer click here.

Certificate of Completion

Our fully flexible program allows you to complete your CE requirements at your own pace, when you need the points. As you complete the multiple choice questions at the end of each module, you will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the module and will receive your allocated continuing education credits.

Fully Flexible: It’s your choice whether you complete the CE questions!

100% online: no waiting, no seminars to attend, view on your i-Pad, laptop or desktop

Very cost Effective: As low as $15 per CE Formal Learning Hour

Take advantage of our ‘Special Offer’ and receive all 6 modules, at a fraction of the cost!

Brief Video of Program

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